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Algae prevention in swimming pools using algicide

Algae are vegetable micro-organisms, that produce unwanted organic materials, which are in turn an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. A good enough reason to prevent algae growth.

All BAYROL algicides have been improved through many years development in laboratory and practice for use in swimming pools. The broadband effect works against all types of algae. BAYROL algicides are so highly concentrated that even small doses provide safe protection against algae.

The superior, unique combination of active agents these products do not just prevent algae, but also restrict the growth of bacteria and remove substances that cause turbidity from the water (water clearing effect).

All BAYROL algicides are of course free of chlorine and heavy metals.


Liquid algicide concentrate with broadband effect against all kinds of algae. Clears water. Very low in foam and pH-neutral.

Package size: 1 litre bottle, 3 litre, 6 litre, 10 litre canister

Desalgin® Jet

Desalgin Jet prevents algae growth in swimming pools. It is chlorine and foam free, making it especially suitable for counter current float systems.

Package size: 1 litre bottle, 3 litre, and 6 litre canister

Desalgine C 

Concentrated, long lasting liquid algaecide. Contains clarifier effect. Low foaming, pH neutral.       

Package size: 10 litre canister, 30 litre canister

Desalgine G

Concentrated liquid algaecide. Contains clarifier effect. Non-foaming.                                          

Package size: 10 litre canister

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