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Water disinfection with chlorine

Conventional disinfection with chlorine does not just kill germs, but also eliminates non-filterable organic impurities through oxidation. The development of stabilised chlorine products (Chlorilong, Chloriklar, Chlorifix) has made chlorine easier to handle and the available chlorine is better exploited.


The first 2-phase tablet in the world which combines impact chlorination and long-term chlorination in one product. It also cleans and disinfects the filter, and removes turbidity.

Package size: 1.2 kg carton, 4.5 kg carton


COMPLETE is the complete swimming pool care product in concentrated granular form that disinfects, prevents algae and clears the water.

Package size: 1,12 kg carton, 4,48 kg carton


Complete care for swimming pools of up to 30 m3 that use sand filters. Three functions in one package:
Continuous disinfection with slowdissolving chlorine, algae prevention (foam-free), and turbidity removal flocculation agent.

Package size : 4 kg cardboard box = 4 cartridges of 1 kg each


Fast-dissolving chlorine granules. Eliminates algae and helps immediately against green or turbid water.

Package size: 1 kg can, 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket, 25 kg bucket


Fast dissolving trichlorisyocyanic-acid-based chlorine tablets (20 g) with high active chlorine content for additional and rapid disinfection. Especially suitable for shock chlorination of algae-infected swimming pools or turbid water. Lime free, pH-neutral.

Package size: 1 kg can, 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket


Slow dissolving trichlorisyocyanic-acid-based chlorine tablets (200 g) with high active chlorine content and chlorine-stabilising effect. For enduring disinfection of swimming pool water. Lime-free, pH-neutral.

Package size: 5 kg bucket




Slow-dissolving, stabilised chlorine tablets made of trichlorisocyanuric acid and other components with a high active chlorine content. Residue free, calcium free. With multifunctional properties.

5 functions:

  • continuous disinfection
  • algaecidal effect
  • clarifier
  • hardness stabiliser
  • chlorine stabiliser

Package size: 5 kg bucket


Chlorine-based water care product for small pools, with algicide.

Contains 0.5 kg Chlorifix for rapid disinfection and 0.5 litre Desalgin for algae prevention.


Liquid, ready-to-use disinfectant for continuous chlorination with automatic dosage system straight out of the package it is delivered in. With stabiliser and water-clearing effect.

Package size: 25 kg canister, 35 kg canister

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