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Dosage Systems

Dosage systems for automatic and manual dosage


If you do not wish to have the bother of treating your swimming pool water manually, BAYROL offers tailor-made measuring control and dosage system to always guarantee perfectly hygienic water quality.


The advantages of automation are as clear as day:

  • With automatic dosage the care agents are used more exactly, economically and comfortably than by hand.
  • The disinfection effect is also assured even under strong use and severe soiling.
  • It also reliably prevents the pool water from "overturning" even during longer absences – thus saving complete and expensive reconditioning.
  • The mature technology ensures uncomplicated and virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • Reliable pumps guarantee quiet operation as a result of low-noise pump mechanics.
  • Alarm sounds immediately to signal any unexpected changes that might occur.
  • Assembly is simple and can be done by your BAYROL specialist dealer

 Pool Relax

Measurement, control and dosage device with all the necessary functions.                                                                                                                                                          

Available for chlorine, oxygen, and bromine

PoolRelax Brochure


A unique machine concept for automatic water treatment using state of the art technology.

Available for chlorine, oxygen, and bromine

PoolManager Brochure

pH Fun

A dosing system which regulates and maintains the correct pH level. The system continously measures and doses the correct amount of pH Minus or pH Plus to ensure the ideal pH level of 7.2 is maintained.


PoolConnect is a mobile phone module integrated directly into your BAYROL measurement, control and dosage device. It is connected with the menu of the controller by way of an efficient interface and enables the data exchange between the device and your mobile or that of the swimming pool dealer


Automatic flocculant system for continuous flocculation in private swimming pools. Ensures constant crystal clear water and supports the disinfection capacity. Ready to install with dosage lance, and can be added to any measurement and control systems already installed.

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