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Fence Specs


The poles are extruded T-6063 aluminum, a grade commonly found in the marine industry and built to withstand natures ever changing seasons. They are one inch in diameter and have a wall thickness of .063 inches. Added strength and rigidity is achieved with our unique internal Tri-Core? pole, designed for us by engineers in 1994

Deck Sleeves & Caps

Poles are inserted into deck sleeves that are fitted into holes drilled in the concrete deck. Our deck sleeves are made of space age polymers designed to withstand continual outdoor use. They are engineered and made specifically for us and have a ribbed feature inside and out that gives extra gripping power. This ensures a tight, good looking fence installation.


We use TextileneŽ mesh fabric for our fences. It is incredibly tough and durable. If cut, it will not tear. It is specially made for the outdoor furniture industry and treated with ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors to ensure a long outdoor life. It exceeds all ASTM requirements applicable to this type of fence.


Fence sections are assembled precisely, under tension, as they will be when they are installed. When you install our product you can be 100% certain that each section is on precise 36 inch centers. Fence sections are free of wrinkles and defects. They will fit tight and straight the first time and every time.

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