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Flocculation - removal of turbidity using flocculating agents

Flocculation makes it possible to suspend these particles. The flakes created in front of the filter envelope these finely distributed dirt particles. The flakes are then big enough to be held back by the sand filter.

And these dirt particles then disappear the next time it is given a backwash.

Good flocculation also reinforces the capacity of the disinfectant used. The water quality is generally improved so that it is fun to bathe in the pool. This is particularly noticeable with care programmes that use active oxygen. Result: crystal-clear water.

The use of flocculants is only recommended for sand filters. For cartridge filters we recommend our concentrated turbidity remover.


With new concentrated SuperKlar turbidity remover the most finely distributed particles causing turbidity are made easier to filter. The water clearing effect also improves the performance  of the filter at the same time. SuperKlar can be used with all types of filters, especially with cartridge filters. Also suitable for whirlpools.


Flocculant cartridge for long-term flocculation through continuous release of the flocculation agent. Also eliminates iron, copper and phosphate. Ideal for all users of active oxygen water care products. For use with sand filters.

Package size: 1 kg carton with 8 cartridges

Quickflock Super

Liquid rapid flocculant for sand filters. Eliminates existing turbidity within a few hours. The product also results in a so-called "activation" of the sand filter. This results in the elimination of the turbidity and increases the effectiveness of the filter.

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