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Pool Cover Reel

Safety Cover Brochure

Pool covers are a desirerable pool safety option today. Pool covers have many advantages over other safety barriers such as:

  • Keeping the pool clean

  • Reducing maintenance

  • Less chemicals


You can choose any of the three materials described below.



This pool cover material, since it's the lightest weight, is used on the worlds largest pool covers. Some pool covers get so big, Meyco will break it into smaller pieces that combine to make 1 safety pool cover. This material and the pool cover design has been tested time and time again from cars crashing on to it to tornados trying to rip it away, the original concept of this pool cover came from looking for an alternative to the dangerous, labor intensive way of closing pools.


As good as the Meycolite is, the RuggedMesh came to be as way of offering something different to the industry in mesh form. It was actually one of our competitors who to their credit, really pushed for this innovation and encouraged a material manufacturer to develope an early version of what we now call RuggedMesh. The Meyco version of the RuggedMesh Pool cover is designed to filter out finer particles and block more sunlight but its also designed to be a little stronger than another similar pool cover. The one thing to consider with the Ruggedmesh Safety Cover is its not as forgiving as the Meycolite Safety cover. RuggedMesh pool covers can puddle easier as it may lose tension since its slower to drain and as its filtering mechanism begins to clog. You need a little more maintenance with the Rugged Mesh Safety Cover as it should be cleaned much better after a winter use.


The Solid Safety cover was designed to keep the water's chemicals in the pool longer, keep out the sunlight and keep out finer debris. This will allow you to open a very clean pool in the spring. The only negative is the Solid safety Pool Cover is heavier and not as easy to manage. Since it's a solid, it also means water stays on top of the pool cover and the debris that would normally blow off your pool cover, is now stuck onto your cover. Meyco developed the lightweight pool cover called Permaguard to help mitigate some of these problems, but they are still something to be aware of.

 Comparison Chart

Weight per Square Yard
Sun Block
Winter Care
Size Limit
Compared To Industry Standards For Similar Material
4.4 oz
95% Shade
Little To None Light Weight and easy to handle. Most versatile.
20% More Yarn, Increased Strength, sunblock and filtering
6 oz
99% Shade
Some; May puddle and hold leaves, needs cleaning. Cleaner pool opening. Less maintenance than a solid cover.
2,500 Sq Ft
Higher Shading, Better Filtering, Increased Tear and Tensile Strength
10 oz
100% Opaque
More; Needs to be cleaned - leaves and dirt may accumulate. Cleanest water*
1,800 Sq Ft
30% Lighter Increased Tear and Tensile Strength


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