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Outdoor pools in winter

Swimming pool manufacturers recommend keeping outdoor pools filled during the winter. This protects the swimming pool better against damage from outside weather influences, objects falling in, the pressure of the surrounding earth and any "floating" of the pool when the groundwater level is high in spring.

If you don't treat the water, lime deposits and algae will result in rough, green pool side walls and spring cleaning will be appropriately laborious. Adding Puripool prevents dirt and lime deposits sticking to the sides. It also prevents the growth of algae. Puripool makes your spring clean almost a pleasure.


Liquid concentrate for filled outdoor pools in winter. With growth inhibitor against algae, phosphate-free. Because Puripool can cause foaming (especially with counter-current systems), we recommend you change the water in spring.

Package size: 1 litre bottle, 3 litre canister

Puripool Super 

Highly concentrated liquid for winter treatment of swimming pool water. Prevents calcium precipitations and algae growth. Non foaming.

Package size: 1 litre bottle, 3 litre canister, 6 litre canister


Liquid hardness stabiliser for preventing lime precipitation and deposits in swimming pools, filters and heat exchangers. If added in time it prevents water discolouration caused by the precipitation of metal ions in the water. Phosphate-free.

Package size: 1 litre bottle

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